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Drinks Business Awards 2024Savoia Orancio – Casa di SavoiaBest Design & Packaging for Fortified Sponsored by O-I
 Rathfinny Wine Estate – Blanc De NoirsThe Crealis Award for Best Uk Sparkling Wine Packaging
FAB Awards 2024Lagg WhiskySilver
World Rum Awards 2024Don Papa GayumaLabel Design – Gold
Dieline Awards 2024Element[AL]Sustainable Design
World Whiskies Awards 2024The HearachBottle Design – Gold
 Great JonesBottle Design – Gold
 GlenglassaughBottle Design – Silver
 Compass Box UltramarineLimited Edition – Silver
 Arran Single MaltLabel Design – Bronze
Graphic Design USA 2024Volcan De Mi TerraPackage Design Showcase Published
Graphis Design Awards 2024Astraea Gin


 Via Carota Craft CocktailsGold
 Volcan TequilaSilver
 Kings Ginger LiqueurSilver
 Powers Irish WhiskeySilver
The Harpers Design Awards 2023Dada Chapel Potato Vodka and Brhum


 Belvedere 10 Vodka


 Lutèce Apèritif Bronze
 Compass Box Delos WhiskyBronze
 Astraea GinBronze
 Lagg WhiskyBronze
 Ophelia WineBronze
 Powers Irish WhiskyBronze
The Spirts Business Design & Packaging Masters 2023Isle of Raasay Gin


 Astraea Gin


 X.A Volcan


 Via Carota


 Dada Chapel Brhum


 The Hearach


 Lagg Whisky


 LEX by Nemiroff Vodka


 Berry Bros. & Rudd No.3 Gin


 Compass Box Ultramarine


 Ad Gefrin TacnBora


 Dada Chapel Vodka




Pentawards 2023Lagg Whisky




International Spirits Challenge 2023Stranger & StrangerDESIGN AGENCY OF THE YEAR
 Lagg WhiskyNew Brand Launch – Double Gold
 Maison Ferrand Sélection Des AngesRedesign / Re-launch of an Established Brand or Range – Gold
 Savoia Americano RossoNew Brand Launch – Gold
 Astraea GinRedesign / Re-launch of an Established Brand or Range – Silver
 Baie des TrésorsNew Brand Launch – Silver
 Compass Box VellichorNew SKU or Range Extension – Silver
 Don Papa Rye AgedNew SKU or Range Extension – Silver
 Isle of Raasay DistilleryNew SKU or Range Extension – Silver
 Santa Ana GinNew Brand Launch – Silver
 Via Carota Craft CocktailsNew Brand Launch – Silver
 Azaline vermouthNew Brand Launch – Silver
 Dada Chapel vodka and bhrumNew Brand Launch – Silver
 Berry Bros. & RuddRedesign / Re-launch of an Established Brand or Range – Bronze
 DeKuyperRedesign / Re-launch of an Established Brand or Range – Bronze
 Old PotreroRedesign / Re-launch of an Established Brand or Range – Bronze
 Belvedere VodkaNew SKU or Range Extension – Bronze


Graphis Design Awards 2024Astraea Gin


 Via Carota Craft CocktailsGold
 Volcan TequilaSilver
 Kings Ginger LiqueurSilver
 Powers Irish WhiskeySilver


World Gin Awards 2023Santa Ana Gin

Bottle Design – Gold

 Santa Ana GinLabel Design – Gold


World Whiskey Awards 2023The Un-told Story of Kentucky Whiskey

Best New Launch 2023 – Gold

 The Un-told Story of Kentucky Whiskey

Limited Edition – Bronze

 Hanson Whiskey

New Launch 2023 – Silver

 Compass Box Experimental GrainNew Launch 2023 – Bronze
World Vodka Awards 2023Xmuse

Best New Launch 2023


Bottle Design – Best

 XmuseBottle Design – Gold

Label Design – Silver

 42 BelowBottle Design – Gold
 42 Below

Label Design – Silver

Graphic Design USA 2023Astraea Gin

Package Design Showcase Published

Third Annual Craft Spirits Packaging AwardsGreat Jones RyeBronze
Harpers Design Awards 2022Hangar 1 Smoke PointSilver
 Compass Box Experimental GrainSilver
 Compass Box Magic CaskSilver
 X MuseSilver
 Santa Ana ginSilver
 Isle of RaasaySilver
 Castle & Key Untold StoryBronze
 Great JonesBronze
 Hanson WhiskeyBronze
 Savoia AmericanoBronze
 Gingin GinBronze
 Tilia WineBronze
The Spirits Business Design & Packaging Masters 2022Stranger and StrangerDesign & Packaging Grand Master trophy
 Bevridge single malt tasting kitMaster
 Castle & Key Untold StoryMaster
 Compass Box MenagerieMaster
 Hirsch HorizonMaster
 Old PotreroGold
 Gingin GinGold
 Bushmills Single malt rangeGold
 Rockey’s milk punchGold
FAB Awards 2022Hangar 1 Smoke PointSilver
 Eminente ReservaSilver
Dieline Awards 2022Eminente Reserva 
International Spirits Challenge 2022Powers Irish WhiskyDouble Gold
 Compass Box Magic CaskGold
 Howler HeadSilver
 Hangar 1 Smoke PointSilver
 Hanson WhiskeySilver
 Isle of RaasayBronze
World Vodka Awards 2022Good VodkaBottle design Silver
 Dada ChapelBottle design Bronze
Graphic Design USA 2022Isle of RaasayPackage Design Showcase Published
 Compass Box Magic CaskPackage Design Showcase Published
 Bushmills Rare CaskPackage Design Showcase
 Compass Box CanvasPackage Design Showcase
 De Kuyper Fizzy FavouritesPackage Design Showcase
 Martini DolcePackage Design Showcase
 Santa Ana GinPackage Design Showcase
 Tilia WinesPackage Design Showcase
 Stranahan's SnowflakePackage Design Showcase
World Vermouth Awards 2022AzalineBest Label Design
 AzalineGOLD Label Design
World Liqueur Awards 2022The King’s GingerWorld’s Best Liqueur Design
 The King’s GingerBest Bottle Design 
 The King’s GingerGOLD Bottle Design
Graphis Packaging Annual 2022Eminente ReservaPLATINUM
 Dada ChapelGOLD
 Hangar 1 Smoke PointSILVER
World Whiskies Awards 2022Compass Box Magic Cask New launchGOLD
 Isle of Raasay Bottle DesignGOLD
 Isle of Raasay New launchGOLD
 Compass Box Whisky Magic Cask Label DesignSILVER
 Compass Box Whisky Magic Cask Limited EditionSILVER
 Compass Box Whisky Rogues Banquet Bottle DesignSILVER
 Hirsch The Horizon Bottle DesignSILVER
 Compass Box Whisky Rogues Banquet Label designBRONZE
 Hirsch The Horizon Label DesignBRONZE
The Spirits Business Design & Packaging Masters 2021Maison Ferrand Selection Des AngesMASTER
 Isle of RaasayMASTER
 Compass Box Whisky Rogues BanquetMASTER
 The King's GingerMASTER
 Castle & Key RangeGOLD
 Dada ChapelGOLD
 Good VodkaGOLD
 Stranahan's Mountain AngelGOLD
 Howler HeadSILVER
Harpers Design Awards 2021Compass Box Whisky Rogues BanquetGOLD
 Azaline VermouthGOLD
 Ferrand Cognac LégendaireGOLD
 Dada ChapelSILVER
 Castle & Key RangeSILVER
 Don Papa Rye AgedSILVER
 19 Crimes Cali RedSILVER
 To Kalon Highest BeautyBRONZE
 Good VodkaBRONZE
 Eminente ReservaBRONZE
 Maison Ferrand Selection Des AngesBRONZE
 Stranahan's Mountain AngelBRONZE
 Windracer ChardonnayBRONZE
 The King's GingerBRONZE
Pentawards Awards 2021Eminente Reserva RumDIAMOND – BEST OF SHOW
 Gingin GinSILVER
The Drinks Business Awards 2021Best Design & Packaging for Spirits 
 Eminente Reserva RumWINNER
 Stranahan’s 10 Year OldSPECIAL COMMENDATION
 Best Design & Packaging for Fortified Wine 
Graphis Design Annual 2022Compass Box Magic CaskPLATINUM
 Don Papa Rye AgedGOLD
 Castle & Key RangeGOLD
 Oceanus HibernicusGOLD
 Ministry of ScentSILVER
 Howler HeadSILVER
 Good VodkaSILVER
 Hanson WhiskeySILVER
 Casa LagartosSILVER

International Spirits Challenge 2021

 New Brand Launch 
 Eminente ReservaTROPHY
 Castle & Key RangeGOLD
 Hanson WhiskeySILVER
 Don Papa Rye CaskSILVER
 Junipero GinBRONZE
 Dada ChapelBRONZE
 New Sku or Range Extension 
 Royal Brackla 18YOGOLD
 Royal Brackla 12YOSILVER
 Royal Brackla 21YOBRONZE
 Redesign/Relaunch of an Established Brand or Range 
 The King’s GingerGOLD
 Ramsbury Single Estate VodkaSILVER
 Ramsbury Single Estate GinSILVER
World Whiskies Awards 2021Tincup - Bottle designBEST BOTTLE DESIGN
 Compass Box Whisky Myths And Legends - Label designBEST LABEL DESIGN
 Compass Box Whisky Myths And Legends - Label designGOLD
 Tincup - Bottle designGOLD
 Hanson Whiskey - Label designSILVER
 Royal Brackla 21YO - Best presentationSILVER
 Royal Brackla 18YO & 21YO - Redesign / relaunchSILVER
 Isle of Arran Whisky - Redesign / relaunchSILVER
 Whisky Works - Label designSILVER
 Compass Box Whisky Myths And Legends - PresentationBRONZE
 Hanson Whiskey - New launchBRONZE
 Isle of Arran Whisky - Bottle designBRONZE
 Isle of Arran Whisky - Label designBRONZE
World Gin Awards 2021Isle of Harris Gin - Bottle designBest Bottle Design
 Isle of Harris Gin - Bottle designGOLD
 Isle of Harris Gin - New launchGOLD
 No.3 Gin - Bottle designSILVER
 No.3 Gin - Label designSILVER
 Junipero - Bottle designSILVER
 Junipero - New launchSILVER
World Vodka Awards 2021Kástra Elión - Bottle designBRONZE
 Kástra Elión - Label designBRONZE
World Rum Awards 2021Merser & Co - Bottle design BEST BOTTLE DESIGN
 Don Papa Rye Aged - Limited Edition BEST LIMITED EDITION
 Don Papa Rye Aged - Limited EditionGOLD
 Don Papa Rye Aged - New launchGOLD
 Merser & Co - Bottle designGOLD
 Merser & Co - New launch  GOLD
 Don Q Rum - New launch  GOLD
 Don Papa Rye Aged - Bottle design  SILVER
 Don Papa Rye Aged - Label designSILVER
 Don Q Rum - Range designSILVER
 Casa Lagartos Rum - Bottle design 


World Cognac Awards 2021Ferrand Cognac Légendaire - Bottle designBEST COGNAC DESIGN
 Ferrand Cognac Légendaire - Bottle DesignBEST BOTTLE DESIGN
 Ferrand Cognac Légendaire - Limited editionBEST LIMITED EDITION
 Ferrand Cognac Légendaire - PresentationBEST PRESENTATION
 Ferrand Cognac Légendaire - PresentationGOLD
World Brandy Awards 2021ArgonautBEST BRANDY DESIGN
 Argonaut - Bottle designBEST BOTTLE DESIGN
 Argonaut - Label design  BEST LABEL DESIGN
 Argonaut - PresentationBEST PRESENTATION DESIGN
 Argonaut - Range design    BEST RANGE DESIGN
 Argonaut - Label design  GOLD
 Argonaut - Bottle designGOLD
 Argonaut - Range designGOLD
Whisky Magazine Icons of Whisky 2020Stranger & StrangerDESIGN AGENCY OF THE YEAR
Harpers Wine & Spirit Design Awards 2020Isle of Arran WhiskyGOLD – BEST REDESIGN
 Compass Box Myths & Legends I, II & IIIGOLD – PRODUCT RANGE
 Powers Irish WhiskeyGOLD
 Hirsch BourbonGOLD
 Aultmore Limited EditionGOLD
 Compass Box Stranger and StrangerGOLD
 Kástra Elión VodkaGOLD
 Dewar’s Double DoubleGOLD
 Junipero GinGOLD
 Oscar Wilde GinSILVER
 Hanson WhiskeySILVER
 Howler HeadSILVER
 Whisky WorksSILVER
 Beringer 8th MakerSILVER
 Redwood EmpireSILVER
 Casa LagartosSILVER
 Cosmic EggSILVER
 Don Papa Masskara and SevillanaSILVER
 Saint CloudBRONZE
Design and Packaging Masters 2020Charles Merser & Co   MASTER – BEST IN CLASS
 Don Papa, Sevillana, Rye Aged, MasskaraMASTER
 Eminenta Gran ReservaMASTER
 Kástra Elión VodkaMASTER
 Junipero GinMASTER
 No.3 London Dry GinMASTER
 Ferrand LégendaireMASTER
 Hanson WhiskeyMASTER
 Aultmore Limited EditionMASTER
 Isle of Arran WhiskyMASTER
 Kraken Black RoastGOLD
International Sprits ChallengeMerser & Co.   DOUBLE GOLD
 No.3 Gin   GOLD
 Kástra Elión   GOLD
 Casa Lagartos   GOLD
 Compass Box - Myths and Legends   GOLD
 Saint Cloud   SILVER
 Dewar’s Double Double   SILVER
 Redwood Empire   BRONZE
 Woolf Sung - The Lowest Tide   BRONZE  
 Whisky Works   BRONZE
PentawardsMerser & Co.    GOLD
 Dewar’s Double Double    SILVER
Drinks International Travel Retail ChallengeDewar’s Double Double    GOLD
Applied Arts Magazine Ferrand 10 Generations    SINGLE ALCOHOL PACK
World Tequila AwardsProspero Blanco    GOLD
 Prospero Blanco    BEST PRESENTATION
Drinks International ChallengeDualing Pistols    WINE DESIGN TROPHY WINNER
World Whiskies AwardsStranger & Stranger    DESIGN AGENCY OF THE YEAR
 Compass Box + Stranger & Stranger - Label Design    BEST LABEL DESIGN
 Saint Cloud Kentucky Bourbon, Batch One - Limited Edition    BEST LIMITED EDITION DESIGN
 Aultmore, Limited Edition Speyside 31 Years Old - Travel Retail Exclusive    BEST TRAVEL RETAIL EXCLUSIVE DESIGN
 Aultmore, Limited Edition Speyside 31 Years Old - Travel Retail Exclusive    GOLD
 Aultmore, Limited Edition Speyside 31 Years Old - Label Design    GOLD
 Compass Box & Stranger & Stranger - Limited Edition   GOLD
 Compass Box & Stranger & Stranger - Label Design   GOLD
 Compass Box Juveniles - Limited Edition    SILVER
 Dewar’s Double Double Series - New Launch    SILVER
 Woolf Sung Artful Dodger - New Launch   SILVER
 Woolf Sung Collection 2 Bowmore - Label Design   SILVER
 Compass Box & Stranger & Stranger - Presentation    BRONZE
 Dewar’s Double Double Series - Bottle Design   BRONZE
 Whyte & Mackay The Woodsman - Bottle Design   BRONZE
 Woolf Sung Artful Dodger - Limited Edition   BRONZE
 Woolf Sung Artful Dodger - Label Design   BRONZE
Graphic Design USADewar’s Double Double 
 Woolf Sung Artful Dodger 
 The Woodsman 
 Prospero Tequila 
 Compass Box + Stranger & Stranger 
 Prayers Saints & Sinners 
 55 Cartas 
Communication Arts TypographyBitter & Twisted 
San Francisco International Wine Competition 2019Dueling Pistols    DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL
 Erased    GOLD MEDAL
 Headlock   GOLD MEDAL
 No. 39007    SILVER MEDAL
 Prayers Saints & Sinners    SILVER MEDAL
 Eternally Silenced   SILVER MEDAL
 The Mingler    BRONZE MEDAL
 Bodyguard   BRONZE MEDAL
Harpers Design AwardsDueling Pistols    GOLD and Supreme Champion and Best Product Range
 Chinnery Gin    GOLD and Best Established Product
 Absolut Elyx    GOLD
 Artful Dodger   GOLD
 Hayman’s Gin   GOLD
 Prisoner Winery Exclusives Range   GOLD
 Eristoff Vodka    SILVER
 Jarrold’s Gin   SILVER
Global Spirits Masters AwardsCompass Box + Stranger & Stranger    MASTER and BEST IN CLASS
 Berry Bros & Rudd No.3 Gin    MASTER
 Ferrand 10 Generations   MASTER
 Compass Box – No Name No.2   MASTER
 Absolute Elyx    GOLD
 Absolute Juice Editions   GOLD
 Woolf Sung The Lowest Tide   GOLD
 Woolf Sung Artful Dodger    SILVER
UK Packaging AwardsMount Rigi Swiss AperitifBest Packaging of a New Product
American Graphic Design AwardsArtful Dodger 
 Chinnery Gin 
 Dueling Pistols 
 The Prisoner — Headlock 
 Prayers Saints & Sinners 
 Bitter & Twisted 
Drinks International Travel Retail AwardsDewar’s DOUBLE DOUBLE    New Packaging of a Spirits Brand
PentawardsBitter & Twisted    GOLD
 The Prisoner Winery Exclusives Range    SILVER
 Ferrand 10 Generations     CERTIFICATE
 Absolut Elyx    CERTIFICATE
Graphis Design AnnualAberfeldy Gold Bar   GOLD
 Artful Dodger   GOLD
 El Tesoro Range   GOLD
 Chinnery   GOLD
 Compass Box No Name   GOLD
 The Woodsman    SILVER
 The Mingler   SILVER
 Kraken Black Ceramic   SILVER
 Craigellachie 51   SILVER
 Hayman’s Gin   SILVER
 10 Generations    SILVER
 Prayers of Saints & SinnersSILVER
International Spirits ChallengeStranger & Stranger    Design Agency of the Year  
 The Kraken Black Spiced Rum    Established Individual Brand - GOLD
 Aultmore Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky    Design for a Specialist Retail Channel - GOLD
 Ferrand 10 Generations Cognac    Established Individual Brand - SILVER
 Compass Box, Stranger & Stranger    Established Individual Brand - BRONZE
 Compass Box No Name    Established Individual Brand - BRONZE
 Absolut Elyx    Re-packaged Individual Brand - BRONZE
 Artful Dodger    New Product Range - BRONZE
Communication Arts Design AnnualDueling Pistols 
 Bitter & Twisted 
Drinks Business AwardsFerrand 10 Generations    Special Commendation
San Francisco World Spirits CompetitionDon Papa Sherry Cask 5+    SILVER Medal
 Don Papa Rare Cask    BRONZE Medal
World Whisky Awards
Aberfeldy 12YO Gold Bar Gifting Tin Best Limited Edition Design - GOLD
Presentation - GOLD
Label Design - GOLD
 Sexton Single Malt    Label Design - GOLD
Graphic Design USA   Ferrand 10 Generations 
 Aberfeldy 12YO Gold Bar Gifting Tin 
 Compass Box – Phenomenology 
 Catena Zapata Malbec Argentino 
 Stranger & Stranger Bitter and Twisted 
Spirits Business Design & Packaging MastersStranger & StrangerGRAND MASTER Trophy Winner    
 Rathlee RumRum : MASTER    
 The Sexton Single Malt Irish WhiskeyIrish Whiskey : MASTER
 Aberfeldy 12 YO Single Malt Gold Bar TinScotch Whisky : GOLD    
 Gammel Opland AquavitSpeciality : GOLD    
Harpers Design AwardsDesign Agency of the Year    Stranger & Stranger
 10 Generations    Trophies - Champion Spirit, Champion New & Supreme Champion
 Rathlee RumHighly Commended      
 The Prisoner Wine Company, Dérangé    Champion Wine
 The Prisoner Wine Company, The Snitch    GOLD
 The Prisoner Wine Company, Dérangé   GOLD
 Rathlee Rum   GOLD
 Compass Box, Phenomenology   GOLD
 Compass Box, Hedonism the Muse   GOLD
 Catena Zapata, Malbec Argentino   GOLD
 10 Generations   GOLD
 Woolf Sung Collection, The Hunter    SILVER
 Sterling Iridium   SILVER
 Corte Vetusto, Mezcal Range   SILVER
 Aberfeldy 12 YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky GOLD Bar Tin   SILVER
 The Sexton   BRONZE
IWSC Design & Media Awards
Spirits Artwork and Bottle Design
Compass Box Whisky Range    GOLD
 Corte Vetusto Mezcal Range   GOLD
 Italicus   GOLD
 The Sexton   GOLD
 Woolf Sung The Hunter   GOLD
 Gammel Opland    SILVER
 Clyde May’s Bourbon & Cask Strength   SILVER
 Jarrold’s Limited Edition Sloe Gin   SILVER
 Rathlee’s Rum   SILVER
IWSC Design & Media Awards
Wine Artwork and Bottle Design
Sterling Iridium    GOLD - Outstanding
 DérangéGOLD - Outstanding
 Martini & Tonic   GOLD
 Martini Bitter   GOLD
 Catena Zapata    SILVER
Los Angeles International Wine CompetitionThe Prisoner Wine Company, Dérangé    GOLD - Judges Choice
 Sterling Iridium    GOLD - Above & Beyond
 Gabbiano Dark Knight    GOLD - Art & Illustration
 Gentlemen’s Collection 2015    GOLD - Modern Classic
 Svengali    GOLD - Non Conformist
 19 Crimes Banished    GOLD - Above & Beyond
Communication Arts 2018 Design AnnualItalicusAward of Excellence 2018
Pentawards Stirling Iridium    GOLD
 The Prisoner Wine Company, Dérangé    SILVER
 Boukman Botanical RhumBRONZE
International Spirits ChallengeCompass Box, 3 Year Old    Established Individual Brand  - SILVER
 Compass Box, Spice Tree Extravaganza    SILVER
 Woolf Sung, The Hunter   SILVER
 Corte Vetusto   New Product Range - SILVER
 Compass Box, The Circus   Illustration - SILVER
 The Sexton Single Malt   BRONZE
 Compass Box, Enlightenment New Individual Brand - BRONZE
 Compass Box, The Circus   BRONZE
 Haycock’s No.9   BRONZE
World Whiskies Awards   Teeling Whiskey 24YO & 33YO 
Graphic Design USAClyde May’s Cask Strength 
 Compass Box - Spice Tree Extravaganza 
 Compass Box - The DOUBLE SINGLE 
 Compass Box - 3 Year Old 
 Cooper & Thief 
 Nemiroff Vodka 
 Oakville Grocery 
 2017 International Day Of Peace Stamps 
 Woolf Sung 
Graphis Design Annual2017 International Day Of Peace Stamps    PLATINUM
 Citadelle Gin    GOLD
 Clyde May’s Cask Strength   GOLD
 Corte Vetusto   GOLD
 Compass Box Series (3 Year Old, The DOUBLE SINGLE, Spice Tree Extravaganza, Enlightenment, The Circus)SILVER
 Joe’s Cold Brew   SILVER
 Oakville Grocery   SILVER
 The Sexton   SILVER
 Stranger Times   SILVER
 Sterling Iridium   SILVER
 Woolf Sung   SILVER
Los Angeles International Spirits CompetitionAberfeldy 12 YO GOLD Bar Tin    Additional Packaging - GOLD
 Boukman Botanical RhumContainer, Design Aesthetics, Best Execution, Overall Package, Judges choice - GOLD
 The SextonContainer, Overall Packaging - GOLD
Design Aesthetics - SILVER
Drinks Business Awards 2018 Catena Zapata    Best Design & Packaging in Wine
Travel Retail Business Awards 2018Aberfeldy 12 YO GOLD Bar Tin    Best Overall Spirit Award
 Aberfeldy 12 YO GOLD Bar Tin    Best Exclusive TR Spirit
Applied Art AwardsCorte Vetusto 
 The Sexton 
 Woolf Sung 
World Rum Awards Rathlee’s Rum    World’s Best Rum Design
World Whisky AwardsTeeling Whiskey 24YO & 33YO    SILVER
American Package Design AwardClyde May’s Cask Strength    Certificate of Excellence
 Compass Box - Spice Tree Extravaganza   Certificate of Excellence
 Compass Box -The DOUBLE SINGLECertificate of Excellence
 Compass Box - 3 Year Old   Certificate of Excellence
 Cooper & Thief   Certificate of Excellence
 Nemiroff Vodka   Certificate of Excellence
 Oakville Grocery   Certificate of Excellence
 UN International Peace Day Stamps Certificate of Excellence
 Woolf SungCertificate of Excellence
Wines & VinesCooper & Thief   Best Classic Format Package Design
 Sterling    Best Package Redesign
The Spirits BusinessFog Point    MASTER
 Boukman Botanical Rhum   MASTER
 Woolf Sung ‘The Hunter’   MASTER
The Design & Packaging MastersFog Point    MASTER
 Boukman Botanical Rhum   MASTER  
 Woolf Sung ‘The Hunter’   MASTER
 Citadelle Gin    GOLD
 Dewar’s 25 Year Old  GOLD
 Nemiroff Honey PepperSILVER
47th Creativity Print & Packaging
Design Awards
Ludlow Blunt    PLATINUM
 Italicus    GOLD
 Campo Bravo    GOLDGOLD
 Boukman Rhum    SILVER
 Joe’s Cold Brew    SILVER
PentawardsItalicus    Best of Luxury – PLATINUM
 Joe’s Cold Brew    Beverages – ready-to-drink – SILVER
San Francisco International Wine CompetitionGentleman’s Collection    GOLD
  Durant & Booth  SILVER
 Svengali  SILVER
 The Warden   SILVER
 The BanishedSILVER
Harpers Global Design AwardsItalicus    TROPHY (Best Spirits Design)
 Boukman Botanical Rhum    GOLD
 Durant & Booth   GOLD
 Sandeman   GOLD
 Makers & Co   GOLD
 Martini Vermouth    SILVER
 Benham’s Vodka   BRONZE
 Makers & Co   BRONZE
 El Domador del Fuego Rioja   BRONZE
 The Duke   BRONZE
 Campo Bravo  COMMENDED
The Drinks Business AwardsItalicusBest Design and Packaging for Spirits
Special Commendation
Graphis Design AnnualThe Circus   GOLD
 Clyde May’s    GOLD
 Fog Point    GOLD
 Enlightenment    GOLD
 Italicus    GOLD
 Sandeman    GOLD
 Benham’s Vodka    GOLD
 Catcher’s Rye    GOLD
 Lamberhurst    SILVER
 Harris Gin   SILVER
 Ludlow Blunt   SILVER
 Mondavi Maestro   SILVER
 Benham’s Gin   SILVER
 Martini Vermouth   SILVER
 Run Riot   SILVER
 19 Crimes   SILVER
 Campo Bravo   SILVER
 Svengali   SILVER
 Bishop’s Gin   SILVER
 Durant & Booth    MERIT
 Marquis de Montesquiou   MERIT
 Joe’s Cold Brew Coffee   MERIT
 Capensis   MERIT
 Bootleg   MERIT
International Spirits ChallengeBoukman Botanical Rhum    New Individual Brand – GOLD
  Italicus    New Individual Brand – SILVER
 Campo Bravo    New Individual Brand – Bronze
San Francisco World Spirits CompetitionDon Alfredo    DOUBLEGOLD
 Italicus    GOLD
 Boukman Rhum    SILVER
The Dieline   Ludlow Blunt    Personal care, second place
HOW International Design Awards Benham’s Gin    MERIT Winner
 Eau de Stranger    MERIT Winner
Graphic Design USADurant & BoothAmerican package design award
 SvengaliAmerican package design award
 Ludlow BluntAmerican package design award
 El DomadorAmerican package design award
 EnlightenmentAmerican package design award
 Eau de StrangerAmerican package design award
 Clyde May’sAmerican package design award
 Catcher’s RyeAmerican package design award
 Campo BravoAmerican package design award
 Benham’s GinAmerican package design award
 Benham’s VodkaAmerican package design award
World Whiskies AwardsStranger & StrangerWorld’s Best Design Agency
 Catcher’s RyeBest On Trade Design
Best New Launch Design
Premium Design - GOLD
Technical Excellence - SILVER
 Clyde May’sNew Launch - SILVER
On Trade Design - SILVER
Premium Design - SILVER
Wine Design Challenge Awards  Svengali    Best New Design of a Wine Brand Category - GOLD
 Durant & Booth  Best Design for a Wine Range Category - SILVER
 Durant & Booth    Best Alternative Wine Packaging Design Category - SILVER
 Cooper & Thief    Best New Design of a Wine Brand Category - BRONZE
 Cooper & Thief    Best Alternative Wine Packaging Design Category - BRONZE
 Svengali    Best Alternative Wine Packaging Design Category - BRONZE
Graphis Design AnnualHarris GinGOLD
 Eau de StrangerSILVER
 This is Not a Luxury WhiskySILVER
 Gentleman’s CollectionSILVER
 Sauvelle  SILVER
 Hedonism Quindecimus   SILVER
 Flaming Heart SILVER
 One Armed Man  SILVER
 Healdsburg Ranches   SILVER
 Capensis   MERIT
 CA Winecraft   MERIT
  Sixty ClicksMERIT
 Sonoma RanchesMERIT
The Spirits BusinessHarris Gin    MASTER
 Benham’s GinMASTER
 The Circus   MASTER
  Enlightenment   MASTER
  Lamberhurst   MASTER
 Italicus   MASTER
 Bishop’s Gin        GOLD
  Sauvelle    SILVER
PentawardsEau de Stranger   GOLD
 Harris Gin   GOLD
 Benham’s Gin    SILVER
International Spirits ChallengeHarris Gin    GOLD
 Benham’s GinGOLD
 Harris Gin    MASTER
 Benham’s Gin   MASTER
 Bishop’s Gin   MASTER
 Benham’s Vodka   MASTER
 The Circus   MASTER
 Enlightenment   MASTER
 Lamberhurst   MASTER
 Italicus   MASTER
 Sauvelle  SILVER
Harpers Global Design AwardsHarris GinTROPHY - White Spirits Trophy & Supreme Champion
 Run Riot    GOLD
  Edinburgh Gin   GOLD
 Flaming Heart Limited Edition   GOLD– (Limited Edition Category)
 Benham’s Gin  GOLD
 Flaming Heart Limited Edition SILVER – (Brown Spirits Category)
 Lamberhurst    SILVER
 Sixty Clicks   BRONZE
 Bootleg  BRONZE
 Oro Cha Cha   COMMENDED
 Capensis  COMMENDED
San Francisco International Wine CompetitionEau de Stranger    GOLD
 Gentleman’s Collection #1 & #2    DOUBLEGOLD – Series
 Capensis Chardonnay  DOUBLEGOLD
 Healdsburg Ranches Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Chardonnay   DOUBLEGOLD
 Liberated Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc  DOUBLEGOLD
 Run Riot Pinot Noir  DOUBLEGOLD
 Truett-Hurst – The Sonoma Brew Red Wine, Mataros Punch Red Wine DOUBLEGOLD
 Nor Cal Squeeze Sauvignon Blanc, Château Vanille ChardonnayDOUBLEGOLD
 One Armed Man Red Blend    SILVER
 Benham’s Gin SILVER
 Sonoma Ranches Pinot Noir & ChardonnaySILVER
 Inconspicuous Zinfandel  SILVER
 Bootleg Red WineSILVER
 Healdsburg Ranches    Series CategorySILVER
 Capensis    Modern Classic CategoryBRONZE
 Liberated    Series CategoryBRONZE
 One Armed Man    Non Conformist CategoryBRONZE
Type Directors ClubRio Rum    Certificate of Typographic Excellence
 AultmoreCertificate of Typographic Excellence
The Drinks Business AwardsAltalandBest Design & Packaging in Wine – Winner
 Harris GinBest Design & Packaging in Wine – Winner
  CA WinecraftBest Design & Packaging in Wine – Special Commendation
The Dieline AwardsHarris Gin    Spirits – First Place
 This is Not a Luxury Whisky    Spirits – Third Place
GD USA MagazineDon Papa 10 Year Old   Certificate of Excellence
 CA Winecraft       Certificate of Excellence
 Aultmore 25    Certificate of Excellence
 One Armed Man    Certificate of Excellence
 Gentleman’s Lindeman’s Collection   Certificate of Excellence
 Flaming Heart Ltd. Edition  Certificate of Excellence
 Hedonism Quindecimus   Certificate of Excellence
 Liberated   Certificate of Excellence
American Distilling InstituteBenham’s Gin    GOLD
  Two James Old Cockney Gin    SILVER
World Rum AwardsDon Papa 10 Year Old Rum   Best Limited Edition Design
 Don Papa 10 Year Old Rum    Best Ultra Design
 Don Papa 10 Year Old Rum    Best New Launch Design
San Francisco World Spirits CompetitionDon Papa 10 Year Old Rum    DOUBLEGOLD
 Compass Box Flaming Heart Limited EditionDOUBLEGOLD
 Dewar’s White Label Scotch, Scratched Cask    DOUBLEGOLD
 Dewar’s White Label Scotch   DOUBLEGOLD
 Dewar’s The Vintage 18 Year Old Scotch   DOUBLEGOLD
 Dewar’s The Monarch 15 Year Old Scotch   DOUBLEGOLD
 Dewar’s The Ancestor 12 Year Old Scotch   DOUBLEGOLD
 Aultmore 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch   GOLD
 Aultmore 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch GOLD
 Craigellachie 13 Year Old Single Malt Scotch   GOLD
 Craigellachie 23 Year Old Single Malt Scotch   GOLD
 Two James Catcher’s Rye    SILVER
 Royal Brackla 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch   BRONZE
 Royal Brackla 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch   BRONZE
 Royal Brackla 21 Year Old Single Malt Scotch   BRONZE
 Barrelhound Blended Scotch   BRONZE
World Drinks AwardsStranger & Stranger    World’s Best Design Agency
 Don Papa 10 Year Old    World’s Best Design
 Dewar’s Scratched Cask    SILVER
 Aberfeldy 21SILVER
 Aultmore 12BRONZE
Graphis Design AnnualAberfeldy    GOLD
 The Book of Stranger   GOLD
 Hanson of Sonoma Stationery  GOLD
 Dewar’s Range    SILVER
 Don Papa 10 Year Old   SILVER
 East London Liquor Company   SILVER
 The Lost Blend SILVER