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Hello Stranger

We’ll fix your brand. Or we’ll give you a new brand, a brand that wins all the awards and sells at a premium. We’ll give you a strategy, a unique angle based on insight and research. We’ll give you the sexiest packaging that people just can’t put down and we’ll give you all the collateral you need to make your brand flourish. On this site you won’t find head shots of designers looking important next to yucca plants because it’s not about us, it’s about billions in sales in one of the toughest sectors in the whole of retail. We’re Stranger & Stranger, we’ve been doing it for over 25 years and we are the best. As one of our clients said: don’t leave anything to chance.

How it all started

In 1994 we won a big account. Dell. Amazing, right? Yes, yes, but not the most creative account in the world so while we were consoling ourselves and spending some of the Dell money at a wine auction our planner commented on the state of the labels and we thought we could do better. So we spent more of the Dell money on consumer research and then tried to convince the nearest distributor, Bibendum, to invest in wine labels and they said they had no budget so we said: how about we do it for wine? That worked. And the new labels tripled sales and then everyone wanted one and then the spirits people called and then America called and…tada! If anyone knows Michael Dell please thank him.




structural design
closure design
label design
secondary boxes


brand strategy
brand story development


activation collateral
advocacy packs

If you’re starting up then you’ll need everything: research, a stand out strategy, killer ideas (yes, we know they are pushing it but just sit with them for a while – they grow on you, they grow on everyone), names to trademark, a unique brand, sexy packaging and collateral guides to make the brand flourish. But most of all you’ll need smarts that only come from experience. You’ll need to know how the system works, how to work the system, and you’ll need connections. We’ve got you covered and if you win, we win. If you’re already big alcohol, or small alcohol for that matter, then you can pick and mix. We know what we’re doing and, in case you hadn’t noticed, we cut to the chase.

How we do it

We’re 40 people in three locations so we know the EU and USA inside and out. We work on each other’s projects so we can circulate insights from around the globe. We have strategists, writers, designers, production experts who are so expert in production that one of them is known as ‘Johnny Bottle’, and we have shepherds to make it all happen. We’ll get you the first sale, the second is down to your product, so while we’re happy to sample your beverage it’s really not that important. Just never ever ask us to sample your cannabis concoction. We tried that once and it really didn’t help.